Dos and don’ts of displaying the flag at home

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As a servicemember, the American flag undoubtedly has significant meaning in your life. Because it is such an important symbol, it is vital that you display it properly and with pride. To avoid accidentally disrespecting this emblem that holds such importance to you, use these pointers when exhibiting it at home.


  • Fly the flag proudly on buildings or flagstaffs from dawn until dusk.
  • Purchase an all-weather flag if you plan to hang it year-round.
  • Dispose of unserviceable flags properly by contacting your local American Legion Post, which usually holds dignified flag burning ceremonies each year on Flag Day.
  • Try to prevent the flag from touching anything beneath it, particularly the ground.


  • Display the flag after dark unless you have it properly illuminated.
  • Let the flag sustain damage from neglect or harsh weather, since this can be seen as a sign of disrespect.
  • Burn the flag in public and without discretion. This will likely be mistaken for a protest or act of rebellion.
  • Let the flag touch the ground. If it does by accident, there is no need to destroy it as long as it is suitable for use.